Sunday, September 2, 2012

Thank you for making our Open House a lovely night!

Hello to my new class- I'm so excited!

It was so nice for Clara and I to meet so many of you and to get a glimpse of who your children are.  Such beautiful personalities, I can already tell!  Thank you for coming! For all of you parents, please fill out the survey by clicking above where it says "Parent Survey" so that I can know more about you and your fabulous children.

For those of you who could not make it, I am including some images of our class so that your child can still feel like they have an idea of what it will look like, before they come on the first day.  (If you click on an image it will go to a slide show type view)

As the big day approaches, I encourage you to be talking with your child about how they are feeling, how they envision the day going and what your good-bye ritual will look like.  This can be an emotional time for them and the more they feel ready for any possible hiccups and have planned how it will feel, the better.  This applies to you parents, too!  You may be surprised at how emotional this day can be.  It is good to get yourself ready as well.  You may want to share with your child how you are feeling, also.  Clara and I will be there to support you and we are excited to be the people to care for and nurture your child.

Another way to get ready for school is to check out the Supply list, click those words, below the blog title, to be taken to that page.  Thank you for stocking our class for the year!

I also wanted to share some photos of my summer in Baja so that you all can begin to get to know me.  I love travel, to knit, to read, lots of types of food, plants and flowers, the ocean and sunsets.  This trip encompassed all of those and more.  My boyfriend, Jason, and I drove all over Baja- on pavement, sand and dirt.  It was beautiful.  As the year progresses, I look forward to getting to know you, as well!

Have a fun weekend, Jennifer

!Viva Mexico!

 South of Loreto

Just about to bloom!

 View from our room in Loreto

Our camp (and the local camp dog) in Scorpion Bay where Jason surfed a lot!

 Jason on a wave

My camp mosaic

 View from our room in La Paz

Jason and I on the bay in La Paz

 El Triunfo, designed by Eiffel

See how tiny I am?  

Out in the middle of the dessert- cool plant life!

 On an empty beach in the East Cape

A lending library out in the middle of nowhere!

 Donkeys eating a coconut

A sunset on a beach in Pescadero

 So many cool clouds on this trip!

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