Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's so nice to meet you!

Hello Families!

I really enjoyed Friday's Open House, I hope you did to!  It was nice to have little moments to talk with you and I enjoyed reading the info you gave me, thank you for taking the time to write it out.  It was also lovely to see people getting to know each other and to watch the children already creating together!

Here are a few images from our first moments together.  I'm looking forward to many more!

Also, Tuesday is IA's first beautification day, please come if you are free.  Bring your power tools!  If you don't have any, come anyway, there are many jobs to be done for our school. 

I have a vision of our outside space making children feel surrounded by plants.  I am hoping more planters will be built on Tuesday.  We need soil for these and lots of plants.  If you get inspired at the nursery, here are some plants I wish to have out there:

different types of Lavender
a Kumquat tree
Butterfly bush
Kangaroo paw
different types of sage
different types of mint
chicks and hens
a passion fruit vine
a snail vine
grape vines
I love the red, purple, white, color scheme so I'm going to start with that, with silver or dark green foliage. Part of the planter will be for ambiance and to invite butterflies and birds, while the other part we'll use for our class planting throughout the year.  When planting we will be keeping in mind the hot sun on the blacktop!

We already have a whole great batch of seeds donated by Henry's family for the children to begin planting when school starts. It's going to be fun and exciting to see veggies grow.  Thank you!
We still need soil and could use more planters, so if you have extra of either of these at home, please contact me.

I hope you are having a relaxing final week of summer!  Love, Jennifer

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Official Supply List!

2011-2012 Supply list for First Grade  ( I am editing this because now we have many items and don't need more.  We could really use items off our wish list now!  Thank you so much for our contribution!)

For the class to use:
1 pack of large painting paper approximately 13” x 18”

1 pack of cardstock paper, any color (we would like lots of variety here)
For your child’s needs:

One journal that is half drawing space, half lined paper see example:
1 backpack that fits comfortably and that will hold your child's lunch box and journal- please LABEL this INSIDE

1 hat if desired, LABELED INSIDE

1 lunch bag or box with FABRIC NAPKIN (for a place mat and napkin), LABELED

1 reusable water bottle, LABELED

1 bag of extra clothes and shoes, LABELED

1 family photo or SMALL album of family photos

And if you can pick a few items off this list that would help, but we certainly don’t need 25 of each of these, so if everyone brings one or two off this list, we’ll be great!  (I will take things off as we don't need them anymore...)

Large/Bulk jug of dishsoap

Large/Bulk jug of hand soap (simple scents please, like: honey milk, lavendar, citrus)
1 2-pack of paper mate flair medium tip felt point pens in black
Or any item on our class wish list to enrich our curriculum and daily lives:

Throughout the year I could use gift cards for Michael’s or Joann’s to keep our class full of fun ways to express our ideas through multiple media.

I always love getting rich supplies for the classroom, so adding $10-20 to the classroom supply fund is greatly appreciated. As we are a public school, your donation is voluntary and we thank you for your generosity!

Thank you for everything you are doing to get your child ready for school.  And to help our school!

Have a great night!  Love, Jennifer

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Got Supplies? Yes we do, but we could use some other things...

Hello IA families!

Welcome to First Grade!  I can't wait to meet all of you!

I am working on the supply list, so stay tuned.  After last year, I still have a lot of some things and didn't have enough of other things.  So I am not going to be asking for you to get a bunch of pencils and the likes.  Our class already has a lot!  We would like for you not to be wasting your money on things we don't need, but to use these resources for cool stuff like beautiful art supplies and great math manipulatives, etc. 

AND BOOKS!  I love when children bring their favorite books as a gift for the class.  This is a great connecting point for them when they are making friends.  This is by no means a requirement, but you think your child would be interested, have them pick out a treasured book (new or a little loved!).

In the meantime, here's the class wish list if you feel inspired to purchase off it for things we'll need for our coming fun.

As always, I am not asking you to choose Amazon, but I am just using it as an easy way to show you our needs. 

I found cool journals that have half the space for drawing and half for writing.  I like this better than the ones that we got last year, but they of course are not as cheap.  So I am thinking about this.  But it seems so much more special to not have lines going through your great drawing and then have better ruled lines to practice our writing in.  What do you think?  Here's what I'm talking about:

Oh, all the things we think about to make things so great in class.  :)

I am getting so excited.  Talk to you soon!  Love, Jennifer

PS if you purchase something big like a welcoming arbor for our outside area, please email me so I'll take it off the list and we don't end up with lots of these!

My Summer Photos!

Hello Families!

I am enjoying my summer.  I feel so lucky to have time to enjoy my favorite things.  Our trip to Mexico was gorgeous.  We camped, we snorkeled, we drove through such amazing land.  I was very memorable.  Here are a few photos:

Jason and I near Catavina

My campsite mosaic in Scorpion Bay

Our camp spot for our week in Scorpion Bay

Pilates on the bluffs before sundown.

I took so many photos of flowers and birds!

A mango tree, they're everywhere in the towns. 
If you want a mango, just pick one off the sidewalk!

Different mango varieties

Cerritos, near Pescadero

On the water taxi in Cabo

A quiet beach near Pescadero

Jason's Wahoo!

Fishing off of Cerralvo

Sunset off Punto Chivato

Watch out for rhinos!

They are gigantic!

Need a watermelon?

And, I just got back from celebrating my sister's wedding near San Luis Obispo.  Here are a few photos we took since my immediate family was all together!

Mum, Julii, Geoff, Me, Johanna, Dad
Aubrie and Brenden

My Nephew and Niece and I

My Nanna and I

Aunts, Uncles, Cousins galore!

My sister, Jo, my Mum and I

Julii's ceremony

Us sisters together at the reception (after dancing lots!)

Well,  I hope you are having a nice summer and I look forward to hearing all about your adventures.  Please bring photos in to class when you return to school as FIRST GRADERS!!!

Lots of love, Jennifer

P.S. I am working on getting our new classroom ready so it's lovely and comfortable to provoke you to think, wonder, learn and teach each other.  I will be there next Monday and Wednesday mornings if you would like to come in and help out.