Supply List

Hello families!

Welcome to Our Kindergarten Community!  I can't wait to meet all of you and to get to know your amazing children.  

 As our school year commences, there are a few items that will help your child and our classroom get ready.  Items like glue and crayons are NOT on the list because I still have lots of supplies from last year.  Thank you for your help in getting the class stocked for the year!

Classroom needs list:
Please do not label these.
These will be used as community property by all friends.
  • 1 ream of plain white printer paper
  • 1 pack of cardstock paper or 12inch craft cardstock paper (variety is key, so the more unique colors the better!). We need browns and greens.  I have light pink, light blue and yellow now.
  • 1 pack of large painting paper, either 18" x 12" (approximately) painting type paper or quality water color paper
  • 1 box of  kleenex
  • 1 box of multi size bandaids
  • Your family’s favorite book to donate to the class (lightly used or new)
    (If you think this is a short list, then look below for more things you can purchase to help the class!)
Personal needs list:
  • 1 backpack that fits comfortably and that will hold your child's lunch box and journal- please LABEL this INSIDE for safety reasons
  • 1 hat if desired, LABELED INSIDE
  • 1 lunch bag, or box, with FABRIC NAPKIN (to use as a place mat and napkin), LABELED
  • 1 reusable water bottle, LABELED
  • 1 bag of extra clothes and shoes, LABELED
  • 1 family photo or SMALL album of family photos if this would help your child transition or to share with others and make friendship connections
Here is a link to help you pack a Waste Free Lunch and help the environment while training your child to think green- we'll help them keep track of these, too.

Also, if you could pick a few items from this list, it would be a great help!  These are definite necessities, but we do not need 25 of each item- more like 5-10 of each!  If everyone brings one or two off of this list, we’ll have more than enough. (I’ll cross these off the list as they are received to keep it updated.) 
  • A pack of 3 x 5 index cards with lines
  • A 50-pack of sheet protectors- we still have none of these
  • A 1 2-pack of paper mate flair medium tip felt point pens
    Blue painters tape
Any item from our Amazon Wishlist would also be appreciated!  This list may be used as a reference to see what our class could use, and does not necessarily mean you need to purchase on line.

List of things you may have around the house to donate:

Note cards, envelopes, jars,  magnets, silk scarves, garden pots. Allow me to stress that I am NOT asking you to buy new ones, but to bring in anything you might not be using or have too many of. 

Lastly, throughout the year we will be using many different types of materials, and it's great to supply our students with quality products.  Joann's, Michael's, Walter Andersen Nursery and Amazon gift certificates are helpful ways to support me to get the specifics.  

We also ask if you would like to donate $10-$20 to the Class Fund. Any cash donations can be delivered to the front desk and be sure to ask for a tax deductible form. As we are a public school, all donations are not mandatory but every little bit helps to purchase great new supplies throughout the year!  Thank you for your generosity and contribution to our classroom!